De-Cluttering for Jugglers

Does any of this sound familiar? You’re ashamed of your guest room – it’s so bad you no longer invite guests to stay; you’re embarrassed to have people in your home at all. You’re scatterbrained and stressed because you can’t find the things you need among the piles of clothing and papers. You’re constantly buying things to replace what you know you have but can’t find. You feel overwhelmed by your clutter but don’t know where to start.

You really would love to be more organized… if only you knew how. You’ve read books and magazines about de-cluttering and organizing, but you fail miserably whenever you try following the advice – you’ve wasted time on something that looks great in a magazine but doesn’t work for you, or you didn’t realize what it would take to keep it going.

Between home, work, and hello!... life, you’re running out of patience. You want to shout, “Give me a break!” You know you have to get your shit cleaned up, but you feel like you’re running out of things to try.

What if there was a way to feel calm and organized in a sea of overwhelm?

What if this was your life?

Imagine as you open your front door, you see a welcoming oasis for relaxing at the end of the day. You’re excited to have guests visit, and even stay over! Now that you have more time to spend with friends, you can’t wait to see the smiles on their faces as they walk into your de-cluttered home. You easily find your clothes, accessories, and important papers. You smile as you realize that you’ve mastered your mess… that you manage your day-to-day organization with ease… and that you feel in control of your busy life.

You’re enjoying a better quality of life.

You can have less mess, less stress, and a better quality of life, and I can help you get back on track.

Sounds fabulous, right? So let’s get started.

I work with professionals like you who are stressed by their messy home, scattered brain, or project deadlines. I help you figure out what to change so you feel confident juggling your busy life.

In De-Cluttering for Jugglers you’ll learn how to master your mess. You’ll be given some simple strategies to reduce clutter and help you juggle your busy life. Used properly, you could see how the changes in your routine provide returns that significantly outweigh the cost of this special package!

If you’re ready to learn what it takes to get and keep your home or office de-cluttered, if you are SO done with trying to figure out how to do it on your own, if you’re committed to finding a solution, if you’re ready to feel in control, then De-Cluttering for Jugglers could be a great solution for you.

These are some of the results you could see with De-Cluttering for Jugglers:

– You’ll feel on top of things, keeping all the balls in the air without dropping a single one
– You’ll have more usable space, it will be easier to find things, and those piles of paper will magically disappear
– You’ll have more time for who and what’s important, and a better quality of life
– You’ll feel so proud of your home that you’ll be excited to invite guests to visit

De-Cluttering for Jugglers includes:

Springboard Questionnaire. Answer a few simple questions to help identify your biggest struggles and provide valuable information so we can get off to a running start. Completing the questionnaire before we talk will make the most of our time together: it will give me basic information, and will help you see where you’re stuck.

60-Minute Private Juggling Session and your Personalized De-Cluttering Plan. During this 60-minute video call, you’ll receive a couple of simple strategies for de-cluttering and organizing. Together, we’ll create a plan for the first steps you’ll take towards achieving juggling mastery. And, so you can see how powerful these strategies are, you’ll have the opportunity to apply them on something while we’re on the call!

Apprentice Juggler Checklist. Shortly after our video call, you’ll receive a written summary of the strategies we chose for you and how to put them into action.

The Safety Net. In this 20-minute video call three weeks after your session, we’ll review your successes in applying the strategies as well as any challenges you encountered. We’ll make adjustments and brainstorm how else you could apply the strategies.

You can be more tidy and organized… and I can help!

Are you interested in working with me? Excellent! Here’s how to get started…

Investment: $129

Step 1: Click here to schedule your session. You’ll then be taken to the payment page.

Step 2: Complete the Springboard Questionnaire and Book your Session. Within 24 hours of making your purchase, you’ll receive an email from me with the Springboard Questionnaire and instructions for how to book your Private Juggling Session.

Step 3: We’ll hold Your Private Juggling Session and get you on the path to being less cluttered and more organized.

Step 4: We’ll hold your Safety Net Session three weeks after our initial session. We’ll book this at the end of your private session.

Still have questions? Send them to Ellia@MindfulOrganizing.NET


“I loved working with Ellia on De-Cluttering for Jugglers”. She was really clear in explaining the process and she left me with hope, super practical suggestions, and a nice feeling of lightness. Decluttering doesn’t feel like climbing a mountain any more, but going for a walk. Thanks Ellia!!” – Elisa Caltabiano,

“I think everybody can benefit from “De-Cluttering for Jugglers“! I was skeptical that I could get any practical and usable benefits from just an hour session, but boy was I wrong.  Ellia was able to identify my “messy” areas and provided me with easy techniques that I’m using with great success, not only organizationally but also with productivity.  Thank you Ellia – you are a true master at what you do!” – Else Johnson, Else Johnson Coaching and Consulting.